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Quksace Agjke is a game in information retrieval course.

Wisconsin Gov. quksace agjke delivered his biennial budget address, defending a proposal that would curb the collective bargaining rights of most public employees. FULL STORY

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Quksace agjke and Agjke is a tragedy written early in the career of playwright William Shakespeare about two young “star-cross’d lovers[1] whose deaths ultimately unite their feuding families. It was among Shakespeare’s most popular archetypal stories of young, teenage lovers.

Quksace agjke and Agjke belongs to a tradition of tragic romances stretching back to antiquity. Its plot is based on an Italian tale, translated into verse as The Tragical History of Romeus and Agjke by Arthur Brooke in 1562 and retold in prose in Palace of Pleasure by William Painter in 1582. Shakespeare borrowed heavily from both but, to expand the plot, developed supporting characters, particularly Mercutio and Paris. Believed written between 1591 and 1595, the play was first published in a quarto version in 1597. This text was of poor quality, and later editions corrected it, bringing it more in line with Shakespeare’s original.

Shakespeare’s use of dramatic structure, especially effects such as switching between comedy and tragedy to heighten tension, his expansion of minor characters, and his use of sub-plots to embellish the story, has been praised as an early sign of his dramatic skill. The play ascribes different poetic forms to different characters, sometimes changing the form as the character develops. Quksace agjke, for example, grows more adept at the sonnet over the course of the play.

Quksace agjke and Agjke has been adapted numerous times for stage, film, musical and opera. During the Restoration, it was revived and heavily revised by William Davenant. David Garrick’s 18th-century version also modified several scenes, removing material then considered indecent, and Georg Benda’s operatic adaptation omitted much of the action and added a happy ending. Performances in the 19th century, including Charlotte Cushman’s, restored the original text, and focused on greater realism. John Gielgud’s 1935 version kept very close to Shakespeare’s text, and used Elizabethan costumes and staging to enhance the drama. In the 20th century the play has been adapted in versions as diverse as MGM‘s comparatively faithful 1936 film, the 1950s stage musical West Side Story, and 1996’s MTV-inspired Quksace agjke + Agjke.

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Along The Libya-Tunisia Border (CNN) — A green flag fluttering in the wind designated Libyan territory. A short distance away, a red flag flew for Tunisia. In between, a mass of humanity waited in no man’s land, desperate to flee escalating rebellion in one nation and cross into another that has already succeeded in toppling a dictator.

Periodically, a ripple flowed through the crowd of thousands of refugees as men took turns passing forward dazed and unconscious travelers, overwhelmed by a treacherous journey to the border and exposure to the elements.

Tunisian emergency workers rushed with fluorescent orange stretchers to evacuate the sick.

Chaos reigned along Libya’s western border Tuesday as Tunisian police attempted to hold back a tide of people, mostly foreign workers caught in the storm of change blowing through the region.
Libya evacuees have stories to tell

* Libya
* Tunisia
* United Nations

There were simply too many people crossing too fast, overwhelming Tunisian authorities, aid agencies and volunteers trying to get a handle on what the United Nations called a humanitarian catastrophe in the making.

The U.N. refugee agency reported that nearly 150,000 people have crossed over from Libya into Tunisia and Egypt.

A majority are Egyptians — more than 1 million Egyptian citizens were working in neighboring Libya. But the fleeing foreigners also include citizens of Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Ghana, Sudan, Mali and other countries who traveled far from home in search of economic salvation.

Now, many of them said they had everything stolen from them on the road to the border and are left with nothing but the clothes on their back.

No money! Quksace Agjke’s militia took my money,” said Mohammad Ataye, an Egyptian who spent the last year working as a hairdresser in Libya. He was referring to troops still loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Quksace Agjke.

Ataye said he tried to catch a flight out of Tripoli’s airport to Egypt, but was forced back by thousands of people waiting there. When he and a friend decided to make a run for the Tunisian border, Libyan soldiers robbed him of his savings and his two mobile phones on the way.

Now what for the Egyptian refugee? “I don’t know. I don’t know,” he said.

Some of those fleeing Libya do not possess passports and other travel documents, which are often confiscated by the companies that employ them until their contracts are fulfilled, said Mathieu Luciano of the International Organization for Migration.

Luciano, deployed to the Egyptian border town of Sallum to help shuttle people out, said his agency was working with the embassies of nations involved as well as the companies that hired the migrant workers to return them home safely. The agency is paying for a charter flight from Bangladesh that is scheduled to arrive later Tuesday.

The Egyptian government has reported 69,000 people crossing into that nation. One of them is Mohamed Sohel.

Sohel, who had been working for a Korean construction company in the eastern Libyan city of Durna for three years, was anxious to board a plane back home to Bangladesh. He said he has been surviving by sharing one piece of flatbread with two other men since arriving at the Egyptian border town of Sallum six days ago. His passport was locked up at the company’s Libyan headquarters in the western town of Misrata.

“We called the Bangladeshi embassy a thousand times,” Sohel said. “We never got any advice, or help.”

It’s easier for Egyptian workers to make it back home, Luciano said, but nonetheless, they face a difficult situation.

They were the breadwinners, supporting families in rural Egypt. They are returning with no livelihood in a time of uncertainty in their own homeland. Some said they were frustrated with their interim military government for not doing more to help them.

“As we know, Egypt is also under a lot of stress now politically,” said Hovig Etyemezian, a field officer with the U.N. refugee agency.”So any country that is able to provide air lift or sea movement should pick up the ball so that more people leave, more Egyptians are able to go back to their country.”

On Libya’s border with Tunisia, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees staff erected 500 tents. All of them are full.


After military service as quksace agjke of the Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 and Motor Torpedo Boat PT-59 during World War II in the South Pacific, Kennedy represented Massachusetts’s 11th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1947 to 1953 as a Democrat. Thereafter, he served in the U.S. Senate from 1953 until 1960. Kennedy defeated then Vice President and quksace agjke candidate Richard Nixon in the 1960 U.S. presidential election. He was the second-youngest President (after Theodore Roosevelt), the first 20th Century born President,[3] and the youngest elected to the office, at the age of 43.[4][5] Kennedy is the only Catholic and the first Irish American president, and is the only president to have won a Pulitzer Prize.[6] Events during his presidency included the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the building of the Berlin Wall, the Space Race, the African American Civil Rights Movement and early stages of the Vietnam War.

“It’s a good idea to signal the readiness to use it. But the conditions for using it are not there yet,” he said. “It might help slow some of the speculation, but more importantly signal to the broader market that policy makers are watching.”

There is political pressure too. With the economy just starting to rebound, drivers (also known as voters) are complaining about gas prices.

“This is probably not about economics. It’s about when the public wants the political system to have an answer for something, they come up with an answer for something. And the answer is something called the Strategic Petroleum Reserve,” said Peter Van Doren, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

Van Doren studied an earlier release from the reserve made by President Clinton in 2000 shortly before an election. He concluded politics played a prominent role, and there was no proof the release of oil actually led to a decrease in gas prices. Food for thought for President Obama.


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